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Journal 1916

Journal 1916

January 1916

Saturday, January 1, 1916

Rainy. ___________________________________with Nelle, to Beards to dinner. _________________ went home. Began packing.


Sunday, January 2, 1916           

Rained all day, Heavy wind. Rain in evening. Wrote _____________________. Went to dinner with Lizzie, Jessie. Home to tea. Gave them a box of things. Finished packing trunk.


Monday, January 3, 1916                       

Rainy. Cleaned up rooms, settled bills and got trunk off. Jessie came, gave her hat, etc. Sent “Lost Prince” and “Lady of Chinese Courtyard” to Mrs. Bird. Took reducing treatment. Came home on 3 trains at Arden. Big floods. Will came and stayed over night. Dam on McWattson place broke.


Tuesday January 4, 1916                                    

Sunny am, cloudy pm. Took Sarah to Hayward car, in machine. Had Sallie here all morning. JKH came to see me. Will went to O. Went over to see how children were getting on.


Wednesday, January 5, 1916                           

Rainy am, cloudy all day. Will came to Decoto. Matt towed him and the Hup. to Irvington. Went to see Belli and Ed about Ed’s going to Br. Columbia. PM, went with Sarah and Sallie to Newark to see about packages and for mail. Wrote card, letters to Em, B. ____, Olga, Mabel M. Carrie W, Willie A, Pearl C, Annie J, Rose B. ______.


Thursday, January 6, 1916                           

Cold and showers. Snow on mountains. Took care of Sallie, Sarah to SF. Did mending and wrote to Ruby, Lois Myers and  . Called on Mr. and Mrs. Frank Brown. Frank entirely rational. Elma telephoned she’d come tomorrow.


Friday, January 7, 1916                                        

Cold and cloudy. Went to see Sarah while Matt went to train for Will. Got room ready for Olga. Edna Ingalls came on 2pm train to Decoto. Began drawing plans for house. Ken here to talk financial matters for college.


Saturday, January 8, 1916                                     

Rainy. Sarah went to Oxford St., SF. Had Sallie here all day. Will went back to Oakland 3pm from Decoto.


Sunday, January 9, 1916                                              

Rainy all day. Sarah and Sallie came and opened box with candelabra for S. Went over to see Marjorie pm. Volmer there. Olga Dietz came to sty a few months. Wrote to LHP, to Ken at Reno, (plan ____)


Monday, January 10, 1916                                     

Showers, hail am. Matt took Elma to school. Olga went with them for ride. Sallie here all morning. Did mending. Sent $5 to Mrs. Carnegie-____ for tickets “Irish ___Friends”. Wrote to Nelle, May and Rose B.


Tuesday, January 11, 1916                                               

Pleasant. Heavy frost. Snow in mountains. Wrote to Annie Bagata, Ella P and Josephine. PM went with Sarah and called on Mrs. Wills and Mrs. Beirs. Roads fine.


Wednesday, January 12, 1916                                                 

Cloudy and cold. Rain at night. Will came 9:30am. Did some mending and began work on bags from material bought in Japan. Wrote to LHB, Nellie and check to standard Oil Co. Kept Sallie while Sarah went on nursery.


Thursday, January 13, 1916                                                            

Cold and rainy. Sarah went to SF, Sallie here all morning. Olga sewed on bags, hemmed ____ for Ben L. and made covers for spring bids.


Friday, January 14, 1916                                                           

Rainy. Ed here to see about cost of window in living room. Will came on 9:30. Went over to Henry’s. With Olga’s help, fixed old blue silk ______, and did other mending. Sarah and Sallie over.


Saturday, January 15, 1916                                                      

Rained PM. Went to Oakland on 8:40am from Newark. Olga went to SF. Drew $25 from bank and got statement. Bought cards, books, etc. at Smiths. Had hair washed at Diehl’s. Lunch at Taft and ______. Went to SF to the White House, Haas; and out to Beards for the night.


Sunday, January 16, 1916                                                            

Cloudy most of day. Lunch with LHB and Jessie at La Boehme (Italian Café). Went to Fair Grounds and had an hour at Fine Arts Bldg. Plaster falling off Bldgs. Home on Milk train via Niles.


Monday, January 17, 1916                                                                       

Rainy, Will cam 9:30. Sallie spent morning here. (Ellen away). Wrote to Louise and sent Duck Baby and to FHG. Slept pm. Worked some on Jap. goods bags. Read “An Indirect Letter”.


Tuesday, January 18, 1916                                                                                

Rained all night. Cloudy and Showers all day. Went to see children and Sarah. Will came 9:30. Wrote to Mrs. Bird and sent Duck Baby card. Floods, 4th since Christmas.


Wednesday, January 19, 1916                                                                                   

Clearing off (?). Annie Jasper here making silk waist for Burgundy Suit. Sarah and Sallie here. Received membership club for Art Association (SF). Will here.


Thursday, January 20, 1916             

Pleasant, frost am. Annie J finished waists, etc. Paid her $4. Will came from Piedmont in machine, Tommy too.


Friday, January 21, 1916                       

Cloudy, no rain. Will came on AM train. Sarah and Sallie here am. PM, brought over sewing table, (Christmas present). Wrote to Mrs. Emerson (C&S dress, etc.) to Ken and LHP.


Saturday, January 22, 1916                             

Rainy. Rain and wind at night. Went to Oakland in 9:40 train. Inez W Harold and baby on train. Had eyes examined for new glasses. Lunch at L&Ps with May and Don. Shopped, Met Mrs. Kearns. Lula V. came home with Mr.


Sunday, January 23, 1916         

Rainy most of day. Went over to see Sarah and babies. Henry and Mr. V, gone hunting. New Brownie 3 Kodak came. Took pictures of Mission Peak. Henry and Sarah went to Berkeley to May B’s. V_____ went home.


Monday, January 24, 1916               

Rainy all day. Will came am and went away 1:30 from Decoto. Answered Mosher-Hart invitation. Wrote Lois M., Charlotte and check to Peebles, Ben L.


Tuesday, January 25, 1916                          

Clear. Went to Oakland 9:40 train. Another flood. Got new glasses at Elgin’s. Did some shopping. Met Meriana Gray at lunch at ________. Met Mrs. Bunting on train. Matt met me at Niles.


Wednesday, January 26, 1916                                      Rainy and cold. Went over to Henry’s. May Brown there.


Thursday, January 27, 1916                   

Rained all day. Clear 10PM. Finished “Dear Enemy” by Abbott (?). Sallie here pm. Ed here about cooler. Will came and went back to Peidmont.


Friday, January 28, 1916                              

Rainy, Will came on morning train. Miss Florence Woods (Madeline’s friend) came also. Snow on mountains and snow or hail on porch roof early in morning. Rain, wind and hail 2:30am.


Saturday, January 29, 1916                               29           

Rained am. Snow in SF and O. and on all the hills. Went to SF and some shopping and saw architect. Got photos of self and boxes of old photos at Webager’s. Stay at Mills over night.


Sunday, January 30, 1916 

Pleasant but cold. Talked and played with Jessie. Went with May to Grogorga concert at Columbian Theater, SF.


Monday, January 31, 1916                

Clear, cold. Snow still in mountains. Went to ______. Saw Miss Johnson at Gumps about framing golden Page _______pieces. Bout hope chest _____for ______at White House. Called at LHG _______________. Looked at Victrola at Sherman & Clay. Met Olga on train.



Tuesday, February 1, 1916 

Clear and cold. Snow still on Mission Peak. Went over to Henry’s: talked house and victrola. Went to club. Sarah read paper on F. Hopkinen Smith. Sick at night. (onions).


Wednesday, February 2, 1916 

Pleasant, cloudy pm. Sallie brought some violets. Will came _______. Mrs. Kirk here all afternoon talking of club matters.


Thursday, February 3, 1916             

Pleasant, frost am. Sewed all morning. Will came 9:20 and Mr. Meass (?) to look over SJ water question. Went over to Jap. house and to Henry’s for violets.


Friday, February 4, 1916 

Rain all day. LHB went away am. Sent books to Mrs. Bird, receipt of statement to bank, etc. Lois and Jane Myers came on 6:30 train.


Saturday, February 5, 1916            

Cloudy most of day. Olga went to SF to the dentist. Wrote to Mrs. H___. Drove wit Myers girls to Berryessa and brought Elma back with us. Henry and Sarah over in evening. Played 500 and bridge.


Sunday, February 6, 1916                   

No rain. Girls all went to Sarah’s am. Wrote for Mentor for Elma and to BCL. Myers girls went home 4:30.


Monday, February 7, 1916 

Cloudy most of day. Matt took Elma to school. Sallie here all morning. Helped (?) make beds, etc. Olga came home 3pm. Called on Mrs. Allen, had been sick, getting better.


Tuesday, February 8, 1916         

Cloudy and fog. Went to Oakland AM. Drew $100 and kept $50 and jewelry in safe deposit. Bought dishes at Capwells. Met FHG on street. Home on 3PM. Called on Mrs. Frank Dusterbury.


Wednesday, February 9, 1916 

Cloudy, windy at night. Went to Sarah’s and brought Sallie over. Will came am. Took Will to 6:30 train at Decoto. Went on to Niles and called at Mosher’s. Gave her Golden Pagoda tray. Sewing Society at Mrs. Wrights. Small attendance.


Thursday, February 10, 1916 

Cloudy am, drizzly PM. Finished “Rambles on the Riviera”. Wrote EHI, and ken about glasses. Called on Mrs. Lowrie and Mrs. Roger’s (at Manse). Motor out of commission and tank empty.


Friday, February 11, 1916 

Warm and sunny. Sarah to Berkeley. Sallie here nearly all day. Will came 9:30. Wrote Henry McClure about his mother’s death. Wrote sample copy of Whipple Ebell recommendation. Indian pattern dishes came from Capwells.


Saturday, February 12, 1916 

Pleasant. Valentines to children. With Olga, took 9:40 train. Stopped at Oakland. Olga to SF. Did some shopping, had shampoo and went to FHG’s for lunch and saw “It pays to Advertise” at the McDonough. Went to SF. Dinner at Lenon-Portola skating.


Sunday, February 13, 1916 

Pleasant. Wrote and sent Ebell recommendation letter for LLW for membership. Went with FHG to see May. Will brought me by Grand ____ to train. Home 6pm. Henry met me.


Monday, February 14, 1916 

Pleasant. Went over to Henry’s to talk house plans. Henry going to SF. Will came 9:30. Olga came on 3pm. Matt not home yet.


Tuesday, February 15, 1916 

Pleasant. Sallie here. Sarah’s SF. Will came 9:00. Matt arrived ok. YMCA people here for $100. May, Mary and Flora B. called. Finished Michael O’H________. Wrote Mrs. Dietz and reply.


Wednesday, February 16, 1916 

Warm. Will came. Went to SF on 9:40. Sent letter and $5 for engagement present to Hattie Parish and letter to EHGC. Met Josephine Curtner on train. Arm I sling form rheumatism. Bought robe for auto. Lunch at Golden Pheasant. Saw Lichtenstein about house plans, Oakland. Did not see Dr. A. Home via Niles. Took _____.


Thursday, February 17, 1916 

Warm. Took freesia (in basket) over to Sarah. May Brown there. Sarah had card party. Went over for refreshments. Went to SF on milk train. Met LHB at Palace Hotel and attended Art Association lecture on Modern Architecture by Mubpardt. Not very good. Elmay, Gertrude stayed with Olga.


Friday, February 18, 1916 

Pleasant. Went from Beards to Oakland. Bought place cards, favors, candy, etc. for birthday party. Had ears treated by Dr. Aikin. Dr. in trouble with wife. Came home on 3pm.


Saturday, February 19, 1916 

Foggy until nearly noon. Will, May and Don, Bertha and two children, Henry and Sarah here to turkey dinner.


Sunday, February 20, 1916 

Cloudy all day. Rained in evening. Will and Mr. Nourse came 9:30 train. Trig, Henry, Jo Shinn and William looking up Spring Valley Co. matters. Went with Olga to church. Wrote to EHJ.


Monday, February 21, 1916 

Showers and sunshine. Will came and stayed over night. Went to SF 9:40. Mrs. Crane on train. Mrs. Collins ditto. Talked with her on boat. Saw Architect Lichtenstein about house plans. Lunch at Haas’. Tel. _____ about Lake Park houses. Home 3pm.


Tuesday, February 22, 1916 

Pleasant. Sarah and children walked over am. Sallie stayed and played with her new scissors. Went with Sarah and called on the Curtners. Played 3 games of 500. Wrote to Ken and to Nelle. Almonds in bloom.


Wednesday, February 23, 1916 

Pleasant. Wrote LHB, EHI, and to Mrs. Bunting about Artisan Dress. Sewing Society met with Mrs. Rob Blacow. Took Olga and both ___ work home to finish.


Thursday, February 24, 1916 

Pleasant. Went to Centerville and Newark for plumbers to fix kitchen plumbing. Got four card table covers from Sewing Society. Finished outlining glass towel.


Friday, February 25, 1916 

Cloudy and light shower at noon. Went to Oakland. Shopped. Lunch at Taft and Pennoyer. Lady whose niece, Edith May is nurse in France at the front. Had Dr. A. treat ear. Went out to see May. Don is sick.


Saturday, February 26, 1916 

Showery all day. Nelle came on 9:30. Drove on to Newark for mail and wire for doors. Went over to see Sarah and children pm.


Sunday, February 27, 1916         

Pleasant am. Went to Oakland 8:40 from Newark. Nearly missed train. Left Income Tax Report at Revenue office. Did some shopping. Lunch at T and P’s. Met Miss M’Clees (Niece nurse in Belgium). Had ears treated at Dr. A’s. Came back 3pm. Ed here working on cooler.


Monday, February 28, 1916 

Cloudy, Rain early am. Will came on 9:30. Ed working on cooler. Plans for house came. Went to Henry’s to make changes. Wrote to BCL and LHB.


Tuesday, February 29, 1916         

Rainy. Wrote to Ken and sent check and to Mrs. Kirk about nominating committee for club. Nelle went home on Milk train.



Wednesday, March 1, 1916           

Cloudy all day. Ed came to fix screen door and put in cooler. Will came am. Wrote birthday congratulation to Miss Fowler and not to Em and to Nelle. Filled in Income Tax blank.


Thursday, March 2, 1916   

Clear and Pleasant. Went to SF and to the Orpheum. Gertrude Hoffman & company there. Stayed at Beards and went to lecture on Etchings.


Friday, March 3, 1916   

Cloudy but no rain until night. Saw Lichtenstein about house plans. ______. Missed early train and went to Oakland. Had ears treated and did window shopping.


Saturday, March 4, 1916   

Rainy. Sent checks to White House, Gump’s and Telephone Co and snap shots to Faull girls. Went to Mrs. Louvouis, Mrs. Mowry’s luncheon, 8 guests and bridge. Ed fixing swing. Finished “Martha by the Day”.


Sunday, March 5, 1916 

Pleasant. Left Newark with Olga for Ben Lomond 9:30am. Pleasant trip: wildflowers about. Los Gatos, Ben L. 12”30. Lunch at Dickenson Hotel. Ladies having progression lunch. McCabe brought us to house. Everything is musty. But bedding out to air. Thompson came to work pm. Ram broken, no water.


Monday, March 6, 1916 

Pleasant. Over to see children am. Wrote to Mrs. Kirk about Club work, to BCL, EHL, Aunt L and Mrs. Bird. Sent book “Dear Enemy” to Mrs. Bird and “Spoon River Anthology” to BCL.


Tuesday, March 7, 1916 

Warm. Breakfast upstairs. Cleaned rooms. Olga downtown all afternoon. Mrs. Clancy, Agatha and Mrs. Woods called. Dinner and tea at cottage.


Wednesday, March 8, 1916 

Warm. Thompson planting and hoeing. Wrote letters and worked about house. Olga downtown pm and to Clancy’s in evening.


Thursday, March 9, 1916 

Warm. Left Ben L. 11:45 for Santa Cruz. Lunched there and a little shopping. 1:35pm. Train for home. Warm through mountains. Matt met us at Newark. Stopped to see Sallie. Letter from Woodworth (in SF).


Friday, March 10, 1916 

Pleasant. Went over to see children. Will came 9:30 and went to mountain ranch and back. Lichtenstein came with house plans. Decided to build near deer park. Wrote Miss Owen, BCL and MHP.


Saturday, March 11, 1916 

Warm. Drove to Alvarado for chops for lunch. Sent answer to Woodworths. All Will’s folks here for the day. Sarah and May B brought Sallie over to see Jackie.


Sunday, March 12, 1916 

Pleasant. Home all day. Began writing up trip to Cuba with LHB. Had duck for dinner presented by WDP’s.


Monday, March 13, 1916 

Warm. Went to SF from Newark 8:40am. Had shampoo at Hair. Again rooms. Found silver for my old Sheffield silver candlestick. Went to Oakland and had ears treated. Bought “House of the Misty star” and began reading it. Ellen came on train.


Tuesday, March 14, 1916 

Warm. Sarah went to SF. Sarah went to SF. Sallie here most of day. Will here. Went to see Mrs. Eberly about Club nominations and Mrs. Martinstien about being secretary, could not take it.


Wednesday, March 15, 1916 

Pleasant. Sent birthday cards to Nelle, Postal to ____. Went up to Ems PM. Took Mrs. Overacker to Curtners and called for her on way back. Saw Mrs. Watkerby about Club secretaryship, could not take it, Mrs. Biddle accepted Treasurers office. AM went to see Mrs. Seribner about nomination.


Thursday, March 16, 1916         

Pleasant. Will came 9:20. Sewed some and wrote notes. After lunch all went to Ingalls. Cold coming back.


Friday, March 17, 1916            

Cloudy, sprinkled a little. Went to SF. Met Mrs. Shaw at train. Saw Architect and had some changes made in plans. Met LHB and found Tombola prize business closed. Went with

her to Oakland and out to see MHP. Drew $50 at bank.


Saturday, March 18, 1916        

Cloudy, rain at night. Home all day. May came in machine with Will. Sarah and children over.


Sunday, March 19, 1916        

Cloudy all day and showers. Home all day. Wrote to EHI, and to Mentor Magazine for binders.


Monday, March 20, 1916              

Cold. Looked over house specifications. Olga tried to ride her horse. Went with Sarah and Sallie to Newark and around by Dusterberries to see house contractor (not there). Called on Mrs. Wright.


Tuesday, March 21, 1916                

Sunny, but cold wind. Made orange marmalade. Talked on house site and plans. Took Will to Decoto train. Went to see Mrs. Moore about Club office and Chadbourne about Matt’s house. Wrote to Ken.


Wednesday, March 22, 1916

Cloudy and shower. Went to Oakland. Olga to SF. Met Mrs. Crane and Helen on train. Had ear treated. Lunch at Pig n’ whistle. Went out to May’s for a while. Downtown and had hair dressed. In evening heard “Madam Butterfly” at Auditorium and saw Pavlov and Co. Near accident.


Thursday, March 23, 1916

Clear and Cold. Heard conductor say there was snow in SJ this morning. Went to SF am. Did some shopping and came back to Oakland. Rough on Bay. Met Nelle and bought her hat. Looked for suit for her and bought silk skirt. Fog _____. Came home 6:30. Olga stayed in SF.


Friday, March 24, 1916

Pleasant. Went over to Henry’s and stayed to dinner. Sallie here tried to fly kite and broke it. Mr. Haur here to bid on house plans. Met Nelle at Niles. Saw Mrs. Eberly about Club _______________.


Saturday, March 25, 1916

Cool all day. Will came. Mrs. and ____ Dale came to see Sarah. All took ride around by Mission. Went with Nelle to Bonn. Their cousin, Miss ______ there. Saw Lottie about taking Club office. Went to Newark for _________.


Sunday, March 26, 1916

Pleasant. Mrs. Thayor Hall came about _____ Japanese building from exposition. Went with Nelle to see the HHP garden. Got violets. Nelle went on milk train. Olga came 6:30 pm.


Monday, March 27, 1916

Cloudy and fog. Went to SF with Henry am. Shopped and lunched at Pig ’n Whistle. Met Henry and Mr. Hall at Jap. building. Expo grounds about buying it. Saw Lichtenstein and talked ______. No decision. ____.


Tuesday, March 28, 1916

Pleasant. Went with Sarah to SF. Will met us at 1st and Broadway and all went to SF in auto and to see Jap. building at Fair grounds. Saw Lichtenstein about planning rooms.


Wednesday, March 29, 1916

Pleasant. Mr. Hall here at 7:30am about Jap. building and stayed until after lunch. Will rode to Oakland with him. Lichtenstein came 11 am. Fixed up agreement about Jap. building. Paid ___ $250 on __ plan. Saw Mame Norris about Club office, would not take one. Mrs. John to SF to inquire about Jap. house and get things for _________. Eberly here about Club business in evening.


Thursday, March 30, 1916

Pleasant. Will came. He and Henry went to Decoto to see work on dairy barns. Saw Mrs. Wyatt but could not persuade her to be Club Sec. Olga doing cooking, made cake. Mrs. Lowrie, Lateu, and Hawley here about SS office. Agreed to take President’s. Went to see Mrs. Hurd, not home. Called on Mrs. Adam.


Friday, March 31, 1916

Pleasant. Went over to see Sarah, took pineapple jam. Will came and went to Decoto with Henry. Went to see Mrs. Hurd about secretaryship, declined. Mr. Hall and friend here about Jap bldg. and agreement signed. Here to lunch. Matt to see Mrs. Allen about club matters.



Saturday, April 1, 1916

Pleasant. Some wind. Will came in machine and brought Don and friend, Lee. Mrs. Dietz came 3pm. All went to Ingalls and took goose egg. Belle H. with us. Got iris.


Sunday, April 2, 1916

Pleasant. Home all day. Sarah and Henry took friends for a ride and stopped here with mail. Mrs. Dietz went back to SF. Wrote to Miss ____ (____ letter)


Monday, April 3, 1916

{Can’t read}


Tuesday, April 4, 1916

{Can’t read}


Wednesday, April 5, 1916

Pleasant. Mrs. Brown here to see Will about school warrants. Wrote to FHG. Sewing Society at Mrs. Gregory’s. Elected President. Will lost Tommy at Decoto, found him guarding coat.


Thursday, April 6, 1916

Pleasant. Henry and Sarah went to mountain ranch. Went to Newark and saw Moses about Irvine bid on house. Sent for Worlds Work and set of books. Will came up pm in machine. May at hospital.


Friday, April 7, 1916

Pleasant. Went to O on 8:40 from Newark. Sent note and ___ to Bette H. Sent Azalea to May and went to visit her at Fabiola. Drew $25 at bank and notified them of lost $7 check. Went to SF and saw Lichtenstein working now about house. Went to call on Woodworth’s, not in. Went to Berkeley and saw “East Part of Pathencia”. Met LHB and Jessie. Italian dinner at _______ Hotel. Stopped at Decoto.


Saturday, April 8, 1916

Pleasant. Went to street fair at Union Square for a few minutes. Hair treatment at Hair Again. Met LHB, Jessie and Nelle at Expo grounds, looked at Jap. house and went to picture gallery. Jessie got azalea roots. Mr. Hall and Mr. Makino. There. Went down to SF Fair. Nearly everything sold.


Sunday, April 9, 1916

Pleasant. Lunch at Beard’s. Took grip to ferry and met Nelle there. All went to park to see Jap. gardens and cherry blossoms. Came home on 5pm. Olga missed train.


Monday, April 10, 1916

Cloudy, Rain at night. Will came 9:30. Sarah and Sallie here. Olga came 3pm. Called at Buntings. Mr. Bunting is very nervous, Mrs. B. looking badly.


Tuesday, April 11, 1916

Showers. Went to SF on 8:40 from Newark. Took flowers to Steiner and Union to LHB. Went to Expo grounds and bought azalea plants $6 for 65. Lunch in boat. Got Muir Alaska Book for Henry.


Wednesday, April 12, 1916

Had ears treated. Went to see May, home but in bed with nurse. Met Nelle at Lenhardts and got birthday cards. Home 6:30.


Thursday, April 13, 1916

North wind. Will came 9:30. Home all day. Accomplished little. Down to Newark pm to see if azalea plants had come. Not there. Sent “Martha-by-the-Day” to Louise.


Friday, April 14, 1916

North wind. Went to see Mrs. Kirk about extra club meeting. Home pm. Henry got Jap. azaleas and took them to Hunt for inspection. Wrote ELB, Nelle, EHI. Millie A. and MHP. Little turkeys hatched.


Saturday, April 15, 1916

Warm, cold toward night. Went to O. on 9:40. Left films at Beroman’s Went to Berkeley and saw University people about Jap. chairs and table. SF to Exposition grounds to see that furniture was crowded. Left children’s pictures at Gump’s to be framed. Lichtenstein not in, left check for $85.40 balance on place.


Sunday, April 16, 1916

Pleasant. Nelle and Miss Fitzmaurice came 9:30. Auto ride by Mission, Decoto and Alvarado. Went over to Sarah’s and looked at garden. Club social in evening. Moyer on immigration, etc.

Monday, April 17, 1916

Pleasant. Went to church. Matt took the girls for a ride and came back for me. Wrote to Ken. Had goose for dinner. Henry and Sarah here for bit of cold goose.

Tuesday, April 18, 1916

Wednesday, April 19, 1916

Cold wind and cloudy. Girls went for walk and got roses at Henry’s. Matt not back from Sunday. Will here. Wrote Lottie H., Millie A. and check to fair for church. Nelle and Mrs. F went home.


Thursday, April 20, 1916

Cloudy. Did mending all morning. Sewing Society at Mrs. Adams. Had Matt clean the _____________________. _____________.


Friday, April 21, 1916

Pleasant. Annie Jasper here. Fixed over black and white silk skirt from Ross Bros. and fixed coat. Sewing Society at Mrs. Hanson’s. Will, Don and Jack McClery here.


Saturday, April 22, 1916

Pleasant. Went to the other house. Brought Sallie home with me. Will came. Went wit Will to Decoto. Called o Whipples and went to cemetery. Went to Centerville for water ______ J. packing eggs.


Sunday, April 23, 1916

Pleasant. Will and Don came on train and went back 4:20. Don flew kite. Easter cards to BCL, Mrs. Beard, Mrs. Waters ______ and children.


Monday, April 24, 1916

Pleasant. Went with Olga to Oakland. {Can’t read the rest}.


Tuesday, April 25, 1916

Cold and windy. Had dinner at Mexican Restaurant, City of Mexico. Went out to see Volmer. In bed with rheumatism. Rode to {Can’t read the rest}.


Wednesday, April 26, 1916

{Can’t read till June 24}.




Saturday, June 24, 1916

Warm. Sent candy, etc. to ELB and letter and Sallies pictures to Sarah. Carrie S and Clinton went away. Washburn and Eisenback husbands came. Walked down town for mail after dinner.


Sunday, June 25, 1916

Warm. Washburns, Eisenbachs and Snyders went to Santa Cruz. Closed tent and Lazilitas. Wrote Mrs. Sugimote, Mrs. Prane, Nelle (at San Diego) and MHP.


Monday, June 26, 1916

Warm. Got house ready to leave. Took 1:37 train for home. Hot through the mountains. Henry at Newark to meet me. Stayed at HHP. Jessie went on to City.


Tuesday, June 27, 1916

Slight shower 7am. Went over to Wills and opened house. Well came. Helped Sarah seed cherries. Went back to Wills and put away things from suitcases. Ants in suitcase!


Wednesday, June 28, 1916

Cool. Went to HHP house. Put up 3 jars of sour cherries. Got things out to pack trunk. Will came.


Thursday, June 29, 1916

Cool. Will and Don came in machine. Packed trunk. Wrote to Olga. Mrs. Laurence Bunting and baby at Sarah’s. 4:20 train for SF, Cecil Hotel, room 218. Met the ___ Dyers on boat.


Friday, June 30, 1916

Warm. Showers early am. Had shampoo at Hair-again. Went to Oakland. Drew $50. Lunch at Venus. Went to see May and Mrs. Birds. Gave Don Birthday check $6.



Saturday, July 1, 1916

Shower early am. Sultry. Did some shopping and went to plaza to see ELB. Florence came. All had lunch at the St. Germain. Went to Cort and saw “The Boat” with Florence. Dined at Somertons with ELB and Florence. All went to the Rialto and saw “The Snowfiend” and other movie.


Sunday, July 2, 1916

Pleasant. Will, May, children and ____________ on auto trip to Feather River. Came to Oakland to stay with Mrs. Bird.


Sunday, July 3, 1916

{Can’t Read until July 26}


Wednesday, July 26, 1916

Cool. Elma went to town with Washburns. Had corn lunch. Mrs. D. here. Read and worked on lunch set. Mr. Washburn came in evening.


Thursday, July 27, 1916

Warm in middle of day. {Can’t read until August 3}



Thursday, August 3, 1916

Pleasant. Annie Jasper sewing. Began Hach voile with cluster of colored stripes. Mat took Elma to school. Will came. Sarah over with children. Went with Matt for Elma and called on Mrs. Dyer.


Friday, August 4, 1916

Pleasant. Annie Jasper sewing. Will took Elma to school. Will came. Met Henry at Jap. house and looked over work. Miss ___ here with “Worlds Wonders” for sale. Went to Alvarado for ____.


Saturday, August 5, 1916

{Can’t read the rest of year}



Transcribed by Mary Kay Chicoine 8/30/18
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