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Journal 1913

Journal 1913

Journal by Clara H. Patterson Layson Newark, California


{The first section is an overview written in the front of the journal. 1913 starts after the overview.}



2 Henry’s Announcement!!!

22 Went to Fresno to meet Sarah M.

21 Henry home from Panama.

22 Henry, Will and Volma started for Los A. in auto.

24 May [William Patterson’s wife], Don, L.H.B. and C.H.L [Clara Hawley Layson] started for Los A. [Los Altos] on train.

26 Henry married.

26 With L.H.B started on trip to Cuba.


February 26 Newspaper clipping

On Wednesday evening of this week, Henry H Patterson of Arden and Miss Sarah Morgan of Los Angeles were united in marriage. Mrs. C. Layson, mother of the groom and Mrs. E. Beard were present at the marriage.
Mr. Patterson and his bride will make their home at Arden.
Mr. Patterson is a member of one of the pioneer families of this section, having been born and raised in Washington Township.  He is one of its staunchest and best citizens.
The bride is a graduate of the University of California and for the past year has been a teacher in the Fresno High School.


23 Home from trip to Cuba.


11 Motorcycle ran into us at ________ Crossing.

Will to Alaska, home May 30.

23 With Don to Ben Lomond to see lot and start building.

May Hawley married.


24 Began Ben Lomond cottage.


__ Bought Clark place.

5 Gilman on land deal.

6 Buckingham Apts.

22 Card Club came to Ben Lomond


9 Lunch at Castillian

18 Fire in mountains near Mt. Hermon

24 Castillian lunch (Card Club)

29 Keith pictures


6 Started for Europe with Willy, May and Don




16 Returned from Europe


20 Clara Beard married


7 ___ put up Ben L. [Lomond] pergola

16 _____ _____ Richards died

18 Inlaid furniture from Italy arrived


30 Paid $3500 on Coulter place – gave note for $______


15 At 474 Lake Park Ave. (Coulter house) with Mrs. Sinclair


12 Visited Bertha Lannis at Lincoln

30 Paid balance on house $4000


10 John Beard Patterson born [William and May’s son]


8 _____Whipple died

14 Henry and Sarah started for _____


24, 25 Dons party and _____ dinner at ______





1 Dinner party at 474 Lake Park Ave.

7 W.D.P. [William Patterson] family off to Reno

10 Spent day at P.P.L.E._____ with Mrs. Emere

14 Sally stood alone.

16 Forbes Roberts _____

31 Sallie walked half _____ nursery


14 Planted fruit trees at Ben Lomond

15 Sarah to _____ _____ at 474 Lake Park Ave.


6 Marjorie Patterson born

19 Leased house to Lamonts for June 1

27 Inside Inn P.P.L.E., with E.H.I.


18 John Beard and Clarice Pearson married

26 Started for Los A. and San Diego to meet Currie


11 Back to Oakland with Miss Currie

13 Elma Boyer born

24 Left 474 Lake Park Ave. and went to Key Route Inn


19 Started for Vancouver to meet the Mille.


2 Key Route Inn, Oakland

5 Sold L.P. {474 Lake Park Ave.} to Henry

20 Don to Yreka with _____


12 $800 check to L.V. for Ben L. place


2 W.D.P.’s moved to 109 Mier Ave. Richmond

8 With Wills at Cliff Hotel – Jeffery _____ -

13 came to Wills house for _____ _____ _____

19  Madeline _____ came as companions

28 Miss Judy Whipple’s funeral


22 Card Party at Ben Lomond


25  Thanksgiving – H.H.P.s, 4 Myers and Williams

27     Marquite Apts.


4 Close of Expedition

25 At Wills at _____




1 Dinner at Beards

3 Back to Will’s house – Arden

9 Olga Dietz came to stay a few months

8 Flood – 4th since Xmas

28 Snow


19 _____ Party


27 Went to look at Jap. Bldg. at Expo grounds


1 Mr. Bunting died

19 decided location of house {Japanese Commissioners house}

22 began foundations on the house

First {trainload} of Jap. house material came


16 Pam L., Jesse, Carrie Stevenson

Ella Pound married to _____ Hurebust

29 Cecil Hotel, SF


2 W.D.P.s started on Feather River Trip. Had to _________

22 W.D.P. crushed finger in _____

31 Elma came and stayed with me 6 weeks


17 Bessie Brier died

19 Mrs. Hathaway came as companion

21 Big electrical storm


3 H.H.P. went to 2725 Union St., SF for 3 months

24 Window in front of Wills living room

25 Letter from Mrs. Mills from Valparaiso

26 L.H.B. and Clara home from Portland


1 Mrs. Curtner died

5 Tiny baby Jean Patterson arrived

10 Reception with Hawaiian singer

23 1st meeting of Card Club with me.


4 Louise Carries wedding announcement.

9 H.H.P. home with new baby

13 Came with Mrs. Hathaway and _____ to 2725 Union St., SF

25 At Wills at Piedmont and 2725 Union St., SF

26 Mabel Yetts and Elma Ingalls at 2725 Union St., SF









1       At Key Route Inn, Oakland with Nelle C.   Breakfast in room.  Went to S.F. and called on Mrs. Wattson at Old People’s Home.  Home on 3 pm.  _____ away.  Got dinner for Nelle and self.


2       Home all day, cooking and mending.  Will and Mr. Mack surveying.  Letter from Henry from Los A!!!  _____ came home 3 pm.  Mary B____ called.


3          Annie J. came to sew.  Went to S.J. on 9:30.  Sent letter to Henry at Colon.  Went out to May’s and told the news!!!  May and Don came home with me to celebrate.


 4      Cold and windy.  _____ washed the windows, Annie J. sewing.  May Nell and Don went to S.J. afternoon.  Read “ Mr. Ashiller” by Jeannette Lee.


5       Pleasant am, cold and windy pm.  Nelles went to Oakland on 4:28 train.  Clara Beard and O___ Lernhart came and stayed over night.


6       Lizzie Beard came on morning train.  _______ Card club at Knippli’s.  Cold all day.  _________. Hill came from SJ, Took Clara _____ to Centerville.


7       Will & family start for Reno.  Moon eclipse.  Weather moderated some and indications of rain.  Mary Brown here to telephone and stayed most of morning.  Country Club at Bunting’s.  Indian day – debate.  Wrote to Em I., Dr. Amy and Alice Patterson


8       _____ day. Rained all afternoon.  Wrote to Henry to Colon.  Will sent telegram to Henry.  Mr. Mack (surveyor) went to SJ.  Clara and party at night.


9       Cold and damp. Cleaned out more drawers and the ___ closets.  Wrote to my _____ _____


10     Nellie went to _____.  Cleaned closet of every room   Went to Niles for vegetables.  May and Don _____ _____ SJ to stay until Sunday.


11     Cold and cloudy.  ______________


12     Windy and sprinkled in pm.  _____ all day.  Will, May and son went back to SJ.  Arranged books in office and Henry room.


13     Went to SJ on 9:34.  Did some shopping.  Met May _____ and Don __________ and had lunch and then home. _____________


14     Cold and Rainy. Will and Mr. Mack went to SF 8am.  Packed away some Jap. trunk etc. and finished up some sewing.  May H. and Will came 3 pm.  Rained hard at night.


15     Rainy all day.  Wrote to Henry and to S.M., Fresno.  _____ curtains for office book case.  _____ to Episcopal  S.S. at Mrs. ______________.


16     ___________________


17     Cloudy.  Home all day.  Mr. Meek was on 9:30 train. Wrote to _____, 8 pm and _____ to Sarah.  Did some mending.


18     Went with May H on P.A.M. train.  Met May P at Emporium, had lunch and went to see the Blue Bird. Dinner at Golden Pheasant.   ___ by Decoto.  Showers all day.


19     Sunny day.  May took train and _____ tea set over to house. ______________.  Folks went to SJ on BFM. Wrote to L._H., Luke, Mille, Miller S. ______.  Looked over brick _______.


20     Sent letter to Stella, _____ and FH_.  Arranged books in guest room.  Drove to Newark and Centerville.  Left card party prizes with Mrs. Allen.  Wrote to May and Sarah.  Will came on walk.


21     Frosty AM.  Went to Oakland Mr. and Mrs. Rob Collin on train Drew $100 and I posited $2,187.  Bought coral piece for Sarah.   Home on 3 pm.  May H. on train. Told of Henry’s engagement.


22     Misty rain. _____ at Tracy.  10:00 train.  3 pm Decoto to Fresno.  Shepherd with ______ and crock near Midway.  {Bunting} Pullman from Tracy.  Miss Morgan at dinner at Fresno hotel.


23     ____________


24     Annie J__ here sewing.  LHB came on morning train.  _____ to ClB{ub Card party at Centerville.  May went to Ed’s.


25     ______________


26     Went for auto ride to Saratoga and Congress Springs .  Walked to spring.  Came home on 3:35.  May H. got on at Newark. Wrote to Nelles and Sarah. _______.


27     Drove to Decoto and called on Whipple’s, Mrs. Crane and Annie ____.  Only Whipples home.  Talked of Sarah and Henry.  Met Mrs. Crane at Decoto and took her home.  Wills came on 3 pm from SF.  Lost hat. _____


28     Foggy.  Went to SF.  Met Mrs. Haley on train.  Bought shoes and looked for traveling dress.  Met ______ at O’Conner, ____.  Had lunch with FH_.  _______________ . Will went to SJ.


29     _________ Will back from SJ. ___________________


30     Went to Oakland on 1:10 pm from Decoto with Mrs. Crane.  Bought black taffeta dress to wear on train. ____________.  Jerome and May on train.


31     Went to SJ 9:30 am.  Had dress fitted at ____________. _____________. Home on milk train.  Card party at ____________.





1          Cleaned my two rooms.  Wrote to May H. and telephoned Jessie to tell of H’s engagement.  Nelle came 3pm with bad cold.  Bechelor Masons had party.


2          Home all day.  Nelle went to Oakland.  Lizzie B came from Berryessa on milk train. Wrote to RCL, Josie C., Carrie Stevenson.


3          Went with LHB to card club at Mrs. Gibsons. L. went home on milk train. Wrote to Lizzie Dyer, Lottie H. and Millie Albray. Sent Don & Hiram to Miriam and Millie.


4          Went to Oakland.  Huxleys on train. Had black taffeta fitted at CA ___. Deposited _____ to S.F. did shopping and had lunch. To O. for another fitting. Jessie came home with me.  Mrs. ___ was on train.

5          Packed away some books and pictures. Looked over Jap papers and postals. Drove to Niles with Leslie for vegetables. Got kimono from Mrs. Bunting. Wrote to ELB, Sarah, ____, Lois _____.


6          Annie J. came and finished sewing and _____ silk skirt. We went to SJ in _____.  Jessie went home on 4pm train. _____ to home.  Mrs. Helen ____ and Sarah (_______).


7          Went to SJ. 9:30 fitting at ______. Sarah at Wills. Did a little shopping and 2nd fitting.  Don sick. Dr. W_____ said appendicitis. Came home in machine. Wrote to Nelle and Mrs. Watson. Checks to White House and ______ ______ protection.


8          Rainy. _______________________.


9          Went to Centerville to church and heard ________ for the first time. Wills folks went  _______. _____ went home. Annie and Charlotte here. _____ to take_______ and Sarah and ___________.


10       Went to SJ. On 9:20am. Bought kimono for {cut off} trains, grate set, dust pan, etc.  Had dress fitted and paid bill, $47.10, met folks and had lunch at _______. Home 4:20pm. Will from SJ, pm. Wrote to ____, ____, ___.


11       Will went to SF.  Bray came. Cleaned attics, guest room and back bedroom.    Letter from S with thanks for ___ dress, and kimono. Wrote to Emy, Jessie, Lois Myers, Sarah, Ella Snow, and Mrs. Yarnell.


12       Bray cleaned parlor and my bedrooms. Went to Decoto to see Elma.  No school. Henry went to SJ to dinner with May’s. Cleaned out more drawers, and box of silk pieces.


13       Bray here cleaning. Went with H to Alvarado, and to Decoto to see Elma. Will came from SJ and brought _____ to visit. Hiram _____ _____. Will went to Livermore ranch. Letters to Wattson, Huvens, Mary Moores, Mary P., May H. and valentines to Don, Clara B, Elma and Charlotte. Mack came pm.


14       Went to O, on 8am.  Henry to SF.  Drew $100.  Bought hammock and _____ for _____ and handbags.  Went to SF. Met LHB and went to see Cook’s about Cuba tickets.  L went to O. to see Huxley, met her there.  Home on milk train.  Henry met Elma and me at hotel.  Lois Myers came 6:30pm.


15       Elma went to SJ 10:20am from Decoto.  Lois went to Alvarado with Henry.  After lunch went to Hayward to see electrician about bells.  Rose B. came 3pm.  Lois went 4:20pm.  Mr. Mack went to SF on milk train.  Henry went to SF in machine. ____.


16       Home all day.  Rose gathered violets, etc. to take home.  Mrs. Haley called.  Wrote to Mrs. Mills and answered the Walpert-S____ invitation.  Hiram and Tommy had big fight.


17       Rose went away on 8am.  Went to SJ on 9:30.  Mme. Genessi sick and no fitting.  Had hair wash.  Lunch with May at O’Brien’s.  Home 4:20.  May and Mrs. Deitz came.  May H. came on milk train.  Henry home from Los A. 10:30pm.


18       Cleaned out shelves in dressing rooms and did mending.  Henry went to Oakland pm.  Looked over silver.


19       Well, May and Don went to SF to get clothes for wedding.  Mack came to finish surveying.  Did _____packing and putting away.  Wrote to Alice Patterson ad Clara McNairn.


20       May H. went to Alameda.  Went with Henry to SF and bought wedding presents at Shrives.  Out to Volmer to lunch.  May H. _____, Ellie ___ and LHB and Bertha there.  Went to _____ 5pm.  Stayed at Beards.  Jessie just home from the Collin’s.


21       Went down town with Lizzie and got tickets at Cook’s for our trip.  Bought traveling hat.  Lunch at Bertha’s.  ELB and May H there.  Went to O.  Drew $500. Bought bedding. Home on milk train.


22       Helped Henry pack for trip to Los A.  Moved furniture and arranged rooms.  May P and Grace H. here.  Frank Brown here with Temperance petition.  Leaking tank soaked plaster off of dinning room and annex ceiling.


23       Picking up and getting things ready to pack, all day.  Nelle went away 5:30pm.  Rained a little.  Stayed with May over night.


24       Over home 7am.  Packing all day.  Left Arden with May and Don 3pm for SJ.  Left SJ 5:10.  LHB on train.  Car Corsican, section3.


25       Santa Barbara 4:30am.  Raining all morning.  Held there until 2pm by washout at Ventura.  Los Angeles 6:30pm.  Alexandria Hotel, rooms 516, 518, 520.  Boys arrived by train, 11pm.


26       Went out and bought wardrobe trunk and bought hat.  Went to see Mrs. Brie.  Will B came back with us.  Henry married to Sarah Morgan at 7pm by Rev. Hunters of Pasadena.  


27       Packed clothes from basket trunk to new wardrobe trunk.  Will Brie called. Lunch in Alexandria café.  Left Los A. 2pm on _____ Express for New Orleans.  Car-Los Arapaho, berth 11.  Snow on mountains.  Frozen orange and lemon trees.


28       Tucson early pm.  Snow on ground, all morning.  Mountains covered with snow on bushes and posts.  Letter to Ema, cards to Don Ken and Mrs. Allen.  LHB, Mr. Carr of Montreal.


29       [San Antonio, Tex]  Card and Mexican handkerchief to Don.  Marathen 6am. Sand, sagebrush and cactus nearly all day with occasional cultivated fields and larger trees toward the East.  Soldiers at many stations.  High bridge (321 ft.), caste cliffs.  Dried river. Rio Grande 1:30pm. Pinochet at Del Rio. Letters to May H, Nelle, Mrs. Brier, BCL and Lotte H. Cars to Connie S. ___.



1          [NEW ORLEANS]  _____country most of way.  Liken covered trees, ______. Cultivated land and plenty of darkeys.  Sent cards to Don Clinton of Miream.  New Orleans 7:30pm.  St Char. Hotel room 728.


2          [Feb 29 ERROR]


3          Breakfast in room.  Ride in Cook’s ramshackle “rubberneck”.  Two bell-line streetcar ride. Went to stores.  Bought handkerchiefs and post cards.  Letter to Mrs. Mills.  Card to William, H___, Virginia, ___and Elmer.


4          Fog all day.  Repacked trunks.  Went to P.O. for stamps and sent O Henry book home to May P.  Bought postcards.  Went to Madam Bequis.  Joe late for Breakfast.   Oysters at Antoine’s.  Bought ______. Letter to Sarah.  Cards to May H, Nelle, Mary B, Mary ___, Ruby, Ely, Charlotte, ELB and LHP.  Start for Jacksonville 9pm.


5          Pensacola 6:30am.  Buffet breakfast. NP. Rough roadbed. Dusty for a better way. Coal dust all day. Band at DeFunlak Springs 9am. Chastaupus Hotel. Pine trees girdled for pitch.  Bought paper bag lunch and had it for supper.  Jacksonville 8pm.  Best bridge Hotel.            {note paper covering page:  Lunch on train:  Sandwiches (ham, cheese sausage, pickles) and tea. Crackers from hotel. Mame. Sapote____.  Orange (tastes like ___ _____.  Trees with yellow flowers, Trees with pink flowers.  Trees with white flowers.  Bee like bunches on trees.  Arrived at Camaguey 3pm.  Wrote Don, Ken Mosher.  White _____ _____.  (Crowing hen at Camaguey.) White blossoms or Pears.}


6          Went to office for Pullman tickets and took street care ride to river.  Rechecked trunks and had lunch at Sinskino.  Auto ride to beach.  Stuck in sand at beach and mud hole near town.  Dinner at hotel and walk up town.  Curio stores open.  Bought knives, nail cleaners.  Wrote to May. Postals to Don. 


7          Under the weather, somewhat.  L. Attended to tickets.  Left Jacksonville 11:50am.  Car Stovington, lower 5 and 6.  Sent letter to May P. and wrote to D and Amy.  Cool, but dusty. 


8          Miami about 4am.  Old style dinner.  Morning glories along road.  Long ____ fishing carp.  9am. Houseboats.  Marathon 9:40 Viaduct 2 ½ mile long.  Left Key West 12:30.  Steamer Halifax-Ray trip.  Havana 10:30.  Playa Hotel room 2:30, 88 for 2.


9          ___ breakfast.  Cab ride about town.  Changed to Clifton House, Steamer friends Madilen, Hoyt, Tupper, Hatcher there.  Ride in sightseeing car to Vedado and Marianoa to cemetery and about town.  Saw carriages parade for the Prado.  Cold in head. 


10       Went to ticket office and arranged for trip to Camagüey,  La Foster’s office and bought ___, ___ and stamps.  40 mile auto trip.  Water works, tobacco, pineapple and cornfields.  Rain, coming back.  Cards to Jessie, Rose and Bertha.  ___Mrs. McCrea of Spokane at dinner.  Train for Camaguey, Cuba. 

11       Santa Clara 7am, 2 hours late.  Cool and showers.  Sugar, tobacco and banana plantations.  Tobacco drying ion rails.  Thatched houses and _____.  Royal palms, queer bulging trunks and Camaguey 3pm.  Camaguey Hotel, room 46.  Frogs in bathroom.  Beautiful patio.  Plain furnishings.  Warm, __________.


12       Wrote some post cards.  Walked down the street.  Crowing hen.   Ride to cemetery.  Bought lace collars at hotel and train for Santiago 1pm. Cool and no _____.  Forests of palm and mahogany.  Mahogany ties and poles.  Naked children.  Arrived Santa Fe 9:40.  Bus nearly upset.  My rooms at Cosa Grande. Luz hotel room 11.


13       Breakfast at room. No salt or knives.  Waited 2 ½ hours for auto.  Came 11am.  Ride ok.  Boniatas hill from road (Wood’s Folly) 1 ½ miles in 5 minutes.  Ride to San Juan Hill. Monuments, pasture.  Bullet holes in tree.  Name of three-silk cotton.  Hill of Roosevelt’s charge.  Trolley ride pm.  Bought ______, hats and cards.


14       Breakfast 6:30.  Bought some fruit for train.  Left Santiago 7:15.  Car:  Compartment C.  Bamboo along streams.  Boys selling fruit at Cristo.  Slept, read, etc.  Dinner Camaquey 4pm.


15       Arrived Havana 7am. Clifton Hotel, room   .  Went to check to see Georgia people off and see about L’s trunk.  Shopping all afternoon.


16       Letters for May P. and Mrs. Mills.  Went to Morro Castle pm. 18 in party.


17       Showery.  Shopping am and pm.  Lace, Janse, etc. Had Cuban Chocolate, very thick and rich. 


18       Left Clifton House 8:30 AM. Got through customs about 9:30.  Long wait on ____. Left Havana 1pm. Rough Sea- Forget it!!!  Key West 6pm. No dinner.  Crackers, banana and ginger ale.  Upper Berths 3 & 4, Car Equinox.


19       Car dropped at Miami sometime in early morning 7am.  Took carriage to The Minneapolis, rooms 1 & 3.  Good breakfast.  Coleus, poinsettia, Jungle vine, etc.  Hard rain.  Letter from Lottie H.  Walk down town to Fosters.  Bought spoon and cards, pm.  20 mile ride in rubberneck.  Running driver.  Coral rock walls. _______ Isle plantation like botanical garden.  Checked trunks for ________.


20       7am train from Miami, parlor car Yolande.  Breakfast on train.  Pineapple fields and pine forests.  Palm Beach, 9am. Jupiter ___and . Indian river.  Warm , no dust.  Disagreeable children.  Changed cars at New Savanna for City Junction. Swampy.  Long wait at Junction___- Orlando 9pm.  Wyoming Hotel. Annie, Lotti, May.


21       Anne Holt came breakfast _we to stay with them.  Moved over after breakfast.  Aired things in trunk.  Had hair washed and had hot bath.  Mr. and Mrs. Plen and Mr. and Mrs. Hoveross here in evening.


22       Walked down town with Lottie.  Brought rose beads, stockings and cards.  Warm, but a little ___. Letters from May H and FHG.  Gracies 3 friends came.  Mrs. Watson and Mrs. Campbell called in evening.

23       Too tired to go to church.  Put dresses back in trunk.  Walk towards evening to lake.  Caught in shower.


24       Packed trunks to send to Sanford.  Holt girls and friend went on picnic.  Spent evening at Mrs. Palen’s.  Played 500.


25       Left Orlando with LHB and Lottie in auto for Sanford.  Arrive 9:30 and waited until 1pm for boat.  Bench on boat.  Lakes and rivers, (wide and narrow).  Water hyacinths, cypress trees and river.  ________. Drawbridge and waiting train. 


26       ______ night trip.  Palathn 1:30am.  3 hr. late.  Putnam Hotel, room 111.  _____________.


27       Rechecked trunks to Jacksonville.  Dinner about town to 10:30 train.  St. Augustine 11:30am.  Spear Mansion Hotel, rooms in cottage.  PM rides to forts, city gates, garnet grove, Ponce de Leon house spring, cross, etc. After dinner went to A____ and Ponce de Leon and curio shops.


28       Walk downtown and to ____ market.  Caught in rain.  12:05 train for Jacksonville and Bulbridge Hotel, room 708.  Shopped afternoon and evening, but didn’t buy much.


29       Left Jacksonville 8am.  Pines, palmellos and little cultivated land.  Aklamaha and other rivers are over flowing and swamps flooded.  Set watches ahead an hour at Savanna.  Arrived Charleston 5pm.  Mrs. Mills at train.  Charleston Hotel, room 134.


30       Trip by steam launch to Magnolia Eredine on Ashley river, 10am to 2 pm.  Walked through market on way to boat.  Beautiful azalea’s at garden, lake, oaks, Cherokee roses, etc.  Went to shop and bought cards and basket.  Slept until 6:30pm.


31       Heard Dr. Mills preach on foreign missions.  Showers all day.  After lunch rode out to cemetery and then to the cathedral, fine music, beautiful windows. 


32       10am boat for Isle of Palma.  Steamer _______. Trolley across ________ to Sullivan Island.  Fort Sumter and _____________.  Isle of Palma, oaks and _______and fine beach.  Dr.       . Grave of Calhoun near St. Phillips Church.  Old powder ______________________



1          Packed trunks. Went to old slave house, Museum of Nat’l History, Fine Arts Gallery, Daughters of Confederacy Museum and _______. Shop pm.  Bought cards.  Mills went out for evening. To depot, train 2 hours late.  Left 7:30pm.  Car – Burkham, Sec. 3.


2          _______ about 6am.  2 ½ hours late. Washington 1 pm. Left to Mrs. Perry’s, rooms NGL each.  Rainy. Shoreham Hotel 5pm, room 628.  Wrote to Mrs. Mills.  Dead tired!


3          {Bad page, can’t read}


4          {Bad page, can’t read}


5          Went to Cook {travel agency}for mail and money.  Letter from Nelle. 5 for L. Went to St Paul Chapel and Trinity Church. Lunch at a tearoom.  Met Millie A. at hotel and went to Hippodrome. Dinner at Child’s. Public Library.


6          Looked over Southern purchases and selected for Jersey folks and Louise and Dyers.  Went to E. Orange and had dinner and tea with the Olcotts.  Snow fell 3 times.  Wrote to May P.


7          [Henry’s birthday] Wrote Ella O. and Millies that we stay at Prince George’s. Went down to Flatiron bldg. and 23rd Street.  Some shopping and lunch at Schraff’s.  Car to Macy’s.  There all afternoon.  Had dinner at Sign of the ______Tree. Wrote to Sarah, Nellie and on. Cold day.


8          Breakfast in room.  Walked down to Lord and ___.  Bought cotton Marquette for May H.  No afternoon auto trip so walked up 5th Ave.  Looked in windows and did shopping.  Bought golf pin for Mrs. Mills and scarf for John B.  Auto trip to Grant’s tomb, etc. pm. Jiesg socks at McCutchen’s


9          Went shopping.  Got towels, centerpieces and lace squares at Lord and Taylor’s.  Ella and Ethel Olcott came.  Lunch at Schraff’s.  Saw Joseph and his Brethren” at the Century Theater.  Dinner at Prince George.


10       Look downtown auto trip. Lunch at Wannamaker’s.  Went out to Russell’s 4180 Broadway.  Nellie Higgins Dickey here to see L.  Tea at the Mary Elizabeth. Walk to 48th street.


11       Rainy. Went to Wanamaker’s, did a little shopping and had lunch.  Went to Metropolitan Museum and tea with Olcott’s at Astor Hotel.  Hansom aide. Wrote to Liz. D. May H, Millie A and Dr. Avery.


12       Went to Wanamaker’s, bought Cloisonné box and Revere vase.  Had lunch at the London Lounge.  Went to little church around the corner and to Altman’s.  Tea at the Tally-Ho. ____present for Geo. Olcott at Tiffany’s.  Rained all day.  Wrote to Ella, Lottie H. and Mabel Miller.


13       Did some packing, am.  Went to Albray’s for dinner.  George and Geraldine came. Met Raymonde and family on street.  Came back by ferry to 23rd Street. Tea at Prince George.  More packing.


14       Cloudy.  ___________ priced Japanese things.  Wannamaker’s, changed vase for tray.  Lunch at Macy’s. Got other baggage off.  Tea at Sign of the ___ Tree.  Met car Orviston, ____ 11.


15       Buffalo, am.  Changed from NY Central to Michigan Central.  Crossed Niagara and saw Falls from Canadian side.  Detroit SPM Central time.  Had to stay over night.  Wayne Hotel, room 8.  Car ride to city  ____.  Tea at Kuhn’s candy store.


16       Breakfast at hotel. 8:30 am train from here.  Marquette depot to St. Louis, Mich.  Slow train _____.  Changed at Shaganaw.  St. L. at 1:45pm.  Eliz. And Miriam at train.  Went to meet Louise at 6:20.  Didn’t come.  Came about 10pm.

17       Walked down town and to Springs.  Went to Thermal Park. Stone, center of state.  Ride PM to Alma!!!  Henry treated to Champagne in evening.  “Mary and Miriam”.


18       Went to depot and checked trunk for Detroit. Downtown and bought post cards and spoons.  Walked to factory, pm. Pusich.  Train for Detroit, 4:37pm.  Long wait at Saginaw.  Dinner in buffet car. Detroit 10:30.  Train for Chicago, 11:30.  Drawing Room, car Hollisblurg.


19       Chicago, 7:30am.  Transferred to Burlington depot, and had breakfast, 9:11.  Reservations to SF.  Letter from May H. and wife, at Congress Hotel.  Shopped at _______ Coper’s.  Mandels, Marshal Field’s. _______________. Started for Cal. 10:30pm.  Car Elmwood, 7,8.


20       Des Moines am.  Rolling country, good land.  Slept some, did some mending!  Solitaire!! Began “Lady Baltimore”.  Council Bluffs 1:20pm  Missouri River, Omaha, Mormon Missions.  Wife and child returning from Japan.


21       Denver, 20 min late on account of hat box.  Bought book of scenery on train and post cards.  Swinging bridges over river. Royal Gorge 1pm. L Bridge, tunnels, snow covered mountains.  Snow fell east of divide.  Read “That Printer of Udille”.  Minister and child from Justin.


22       A desert early am.  Snow covered ______Mountains.  Big Y on mountain for Young Union ________ near Provo U for Utah Union__. Salt Lake about 12:30.  No time.  Left Salt Lake 11:48 am Pacific time.  Crossed southern side of _____________-.  Salt desert. _________3:41. Nevada.


23       Portola about 7 am. Fine scenery in Feather River Canyon.  Decoto 5:30pm.  All there in auto.  Went to Wills to stay with May while Will is in Alaska.


24       Went with May to SF.  Mrs. Bunting on train.  Bought black with white lines street dress at City ___, Lunch with May at Golden Pheasant.   Jessie at ferry.  Transferred LHBs things and checked trunk home.


25       Went over to see Sarah, while May went to Newark and Centerville.  Luncheon and cards at Mrs. Eberley’s for Mrs. Huxley.  Dinner at Sarah’s.  Mrs. Haines died.


26       Nellie came on morning train, May met her with auto.  Sarah to SF.  Went over to house for some clothes.  Henry, May and Sarah went to Evelyn’s racetrack party.


27       {Bad copy of page, can’t read- up to June 24.}



24     Cooler.  Men put up frame of house {Ben Lomond) and part of floor.  Ken came to work on house.


25     Letter from Sarah.  Carpenters put up sides and rafters of house.  Wrote to Rose B.  Young folks went to dance.  Rained all night. 

26        Showers am.  Men not working.  Breakfast at room.  Sund came, and lower porch and stairway were decided upon.  Came to SJ on 1:39pm train.  Did a little shopping and came home on milk train.


27            All went to Oakland in auto.  Boys to go into court about “clearing title”.  Went with May Doug, Sarah to Orpheum, Cecelia Porters.  Deposited Volmer check.  Went to SF and stayed at Beards.


28            Downtown with LHB.  Bought bathtub, bowls, etc. for Ben Lomond house, and bedding and towels.  Met May, Will and Do and saw Alaska moving pictures.  Lunch at Halis “Pompeiren Court”.


29            Warm day.  Wrote some letters and picked up trunk in room.  Went to Wills for pen and accepted invitation to go to Berkeley to call on Huxley.  Back at 10pm.


30            Will to SF about land sale business.  Did some mending.  Wrote Lizzie, Em and Nellie and went with May to Decoto to mail letters.  Henry, Will, May and Sarah went to see Dr. Wills about John_______. 



1       DON’S BIRTHDAY.    Bray here washing windows and cleaning.  Went to Don’s birthday lunch.  Did some mending and cleaned up room.  Went to Centerville with Henry and Sarah and called on Mrs. Allen.


2       Went to Dr. Blanch, SF and had tooth filled.  Lunch at O’Brien’s.  Did some shopping.  Went in auto to Ingalls and stayed over night.


4          Elma went to town early.  Henry and Sarah came 10:30am and picked up Elma and me.  Bought candy in SJ.  Lunch at Watsonville.  Children and Don and I stopped in Santa Cruz.   Saw Ray and baby. Ben Lomond 6:30pm.


5          Went to Big Basin (Oak and Redwood Park) in auto after lunch.  A great many people there.  Met Mary  _______________{bad copy}


6          {Bad copy of page, can’t read- up to July 26.}




26     Walked over the Clark boundaries.  Nelle and the Zavierleins went away on 1:30 train.  Wrote to Henry and to Mr. Bowman (surveyor).


28       Mr. Ingram cam and spent the day with Charlotte and both went away on 4:40 train.  Walked up to Mistletoe camp and down trail.  Peter Pans down for dinner.  Ice cream at Peter Pan _______.


29       {Bad copy of page, can’t read- up to AUGUST 3.}







3       Mr. Volmer came am and went away 4:45 from Decoto.


4       Spent day gathering up belongings and packing trunk.  Went to Will’s pm for clothes and trunk.


{last of pages till start from beginning with 1914.}



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